Leadership Strategies for Ethical Development

Congress Global Consulting (CGC) is an international firm specializing in values based Leadership Development and Organizational Transformation.

CGC approach focuses on initiatives that lead ultimately to national development by impacting the long-term performance of organisations and their people through the promotion of ethical leadership models and systems-transformation strategies. Read on »

Rich in professional diversity, international connections and possessing a depth and breadth of experience, the CGC team provides not only technical expertise, but also the creativity and innovation necessary to deal with the unique circumstances each engagement invariably presents.

Through an international team of industry specialists and experts drawn from across developing as well as industrialized nations, CGC focuses on the implementation of national transformation initiatives. Read on »

CGC has impacted institutions in over 50 countries around the globe – in all regions – Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asi a. We typically engage with senior executives to design and implement practical solutions  to address the challenges facing today’s firms and societies. Read on »

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